Before you diig

Start with a plan…the following are some steps you can take to make the most of your garden!

  • What are your wants?  Vegetables, play, outdoor dining and relaxing, cut flowers…
  • What is the size of your lot?
  • What are your conditions?  Sunny, shady, hilly, clay, damp, dry…
  • Break out the graph paper.  Outline your house and any other buildings on your property.  This is when you will see what you can really fit!
  • Be both ruthless and creative.  Go through your list of wants and cut out what you don’t need  If it’s a must consider double or triple duty areas.
  • Start choosing the plants to soften and organize the areas of your garden.  Don’t forget the plants you love as well as those useful workhorses.  This step is when knowing your conditions will come into play.
  • Again, get ruthless – this time with your plant list.  Consider available space, maintenance, good looks…
  • Call Julie.  811 or  Don’t forget to mark the underground utility locations on your master plan!