Container Care Basics

Growing plants in containers is completely different from growing the same plants in the ground.  Plants are more likely to experience problems with drying soil, poor drainage and even increased soil temperature.

Watering & Good Drainage

  • An easy way to determine when your containers need to be watered is to feel the top of the soil.  If it is moist it will be cool to the touch.
  • Water until you can see the water draining through the holes at the bottom of the pot.
  • Do not let the container sit in water – empty any saucers used.
  • On a hot, sunny day your containers will likely need to be watered at least once a day – possibly twice if it is windy as well.

Soil Temperature

  • To decrease soil temperature, group containers closely.  This will create a microclimate that traps cool air.
  • In a hot sunny spot, avoid black or metal containers.  Clay pots are excellent for keeping a plant’s roots cool.