Favorite Plants – Cornus mas aka Cornelian Cherry

Cornus mas

Cornus mas

Why do I love this tree, you ask?  It’s tough, pretty, adaptable.  And I LOVE multi-trunk trees.  I love the way they give good energy and great visual appeal to a garden or landscape, add a welcoming appeal to a house, give some privacy, shade and, well, I could go on and on.

This is a great small tree for four-season interest…and I’m big on that.  I expect plants to earn their keep and look good without a lot of fuss.  Cornus mas delivers with bright yellow flowers in early spring that turn into berries by midsummer.  The berries are edible but sour, let the birds enjoy them!  Fall color and interesting bark in winter round out the year.

It’s easy to care for, having very few issues with pests and diseases and would be a great alternative to a crabapple.  It’s also a more unique alternative to a forsythia, blooming at about the same time.  It isn’t nearly as common as either of these plants…in case you’re into seeking out more unusual plants to personalize your yard.

Give it a location with full to part-sun and keep it watered for the first few years to get it established.  Pretty easy!  You can get creative with it, too…it responds well to pruning so imagine planting several to create a taller hedge, solving a privacy issue or screening a less than desirable view.

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