Less can mean more

I recently had a phone call asking if we offer maintenance services, specifically weeding.  Before I answered that while we do not provide that service ourselves but we work with an amazing company that does, I asked why she was inquiring.  I asked that question because it turns out there might be a different solution to her problem.  She and her husband had moved into their house three years ago.  Both are busy professionals with limited time and inclination to garden.  The gardens looked amazing when they moved in as the previous owner was retired and loved to garden.  As you can imagine, three years had wrought some changes and weeds!  As with many inexperienced gardeners, the short term solution seemed to be to continue to pay someone to weed.  I suggested that maybe it was time to make the garden their own by turning it into something they could enjoy.  For them, that might mean turning some of the beds back into turf, putting in more plants that cover the ground and choke out the weeds or installing grasses that only need mowing once a year.  Until I see their yard, I won’t know.  But I do know that when it comes to gardening, less can mean more.  Less guilt and more relaxation!