I have been gardening for many years and have found that from time to time, a new perspective is needed to tweak existing beds.  DIIG is just what I needed!  Last fall I had some “tweaking” done to rearrange beds where sun/shade had shifted over the years.  I am totally excited this spring to see the new development!  DIIG was so helpful, friendly and conscientious in getting the job done!!  Would highly recommend their work for novice OR experienced gardeners!  Well done!!!!

-Nancy S.


Christine has done a wonderful job with my gardens.  After 30 years I needed extra help redesigning.  It’s always a work in progress.  Christine has awesome ideas, puts the perennials where they will do best, moving plants that I put in to a better spot as well.  And always willing to work with my suggestions.

Mary N.


Christine has seen my gardens evolve over the years.  When I learn about a new plant I fall in love with it, bring it home and then wander around trying to find a spot for it.  Yes, I am a plant collector, not a designer.  Now Christine works with me.  She has learned the parameters I must work with:  the village rules, ongoing soil improvement of heavy clay and glacial till, contour of the land, sun, shade, wind patterns and wildlife issues.  She has observed what I have, has listened to what I like and to what I want.  Over time she has made suggestions which have created a more pleasing and cohesive design.  She has a good working knowledge of the characteristics and requirements of plants and how to arrange them in a pleasing way.  She takes into consideration the color, size, shape, textures and seasonal changes while remembering the scale and proportion of the plants.  This involves contrasting these elements while achieving balance.  Christine has a good eye for design and I can trust her.  My heart sings as I see the results.

Lauren K.