Whether you’re a gardener, gardener wannabe, or a homeowner wanting spiffed up landscaping, I know you have questions.  What should I plant in this space, what do I do with this shrub (that is so huge),  when is a good time to move my Baptisia and why learn Latin names?  Some people are lucky enough to have a friend, neighbor or relative who can help answer these questions.  The rest of you are learning on your own…which can be kind of challenging at times.  Whichever category you are in, sometimes an objective eye and an experienced mentor (who makes housecalls!) is all you need for answers, inspiration and solutions!

That’s where I come in.  From something as simple as a one hour ‘Strategy Session’ to continued garden consultation to design, I can help answer your questions, get you started when you don’t know where to start, or create something completely new!  Together we can grow your green thumb knowledge…and make it all come together!

Strategy Session                                 

Perfect for anyone with questions…whether about plants, plant care, or what to do about that huge shrub, I have a few tricks up my sleeve and a lot of experience with all that grows.  Some clients have gathered their questions before our consultation so they can take their own notes and get back to gardening as soon as I leave!  Others prefer to pick my brain as we walk their gardens and have me take the notes as we go.

Many clients use these sessions as a garden consultation tool, with seasonal visits to evaluate and continue their growth as gardeners.  I love all four seasons here in the Chicago area and I get so excited sharing all of my plant combinations and ideas for making each season special!

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Garden Coaching

This is where you get hands-on guidance.  If you want to learn basics to grow your beginner’s confidence or up your gardening game with some tips and secrets, then coaching is for you!  Examples include learning how to make more plants (doesn’t that sound exciting?!), easy peasy plant maintenance, making the most of conditions and more.

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From creating a garden from scratch to re-designing an existing garden or landscape I will work with you to make your dreams a reality.  We will start with a meeting to discuss what you want while looking at what is already there.  We will have a conversation about fun stuff like your wants and how to personalize your yard and also realities like usage, budget and available space.  This is also when you whip out all those pictures and pins of what you have in mind…I really want to see what you are envisioning!   We will talk about phases of the work to keep it time and money manageable as well as plant and material choices so the finished product feels as good as it looks.  Because these details matter!

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