Christine Piper, Garden Designer and Consultant/Coach:

Christine is the right brained, creative half of DIIG, Inc. She is a self-confessed garden geek and an active member of the local garden club, The Backyard Gardeners. The garden is her life. She spends the growing season surrounded by plants in her own garden and the gardens of others. Winter finds her knee deep in garden books, nursery catalogs and the next season’s garden designs. Her biggest gardening thrill is sharing the joys of a green thumb and taking the ‘hard work’ out of growing a garden.

Connie Tracy, Director of Operations:

Connie is the left brained, analytical half of DIIG, Inc. She also loves gardening and still recalls the moment she knew she would start her own garden. It took her a while to know that the first plant she remembered loving was a purple Phlox paniculata, variety unknown, but remember it she does. It grows in her garden today. She loves to spread the word that gardening is more fun with guidelines, not rules, while still handling the more mundane tasks of running a business.