You’ve got the ideas and the Pins…but it’s just not coming together.

What you’ve got feels boring.  Something is missing.

You want some curb appeal that actually excites you…

and a backyard with function and style.

You need someone to help you DIY or DIFY (Do It For You).

That’s what I do!

I’m Christine Piper, Garden Geek.  My passion is helping homeowners and gardeners truly get the most enjoyment out of their outdoor space.

I’ve worked in the Landscape Industry for 12 years, a little over half of it with a commercial landscape company doing design work…so I know tough plants that look great with low maintenance.  Before “going pro” in the industry I spent my free time learning everything I could about plants and design, reading, attending lectures and classes and a whole lot of hands-on experimenting in my own garden.

These days I give advice, teach and design for people like you.  For more about my services and how to work with me click here.